Southeastern Indiana REMC is excited to announce a new community solar program called My Solar. Southeastern Indiana REMC listens to member requests. One of those requests was for better access to solar energy. Now members can have the benefits of solar energy without dealing with the hassles of home solar installation.

Living in this area can be troublesome when looking at solar energy for a home or business. Trees, permits, financing and roof issues have all been road blocks. My Solar clears those blocks.

This program allows any member to use solar energy within their home or business without installing or maintaining a private solar structure. Member participants are able to share in the output from the 10 solar arrays located around southern Indiana.  The power generated at the solar arrays is transported from the solar arrays, through the poles and wires Southeastern Indiana REMC has already built and maintains. Nothing new needs to be attached.

The My Solar program offers members the opportunity to purchase one share of the community solar project. One share is equivalent to the energy from one solar panel. The size of the panels varies between the 10 solar sites, but averages ~330 Watts. In one year, one share will produce ~450 – 500 kWh. Each participant is limited to 12 panels – approximately three kW.

The My Solar program will work for any property; home or business. Southeastern Indiana REMC is excited to offer this great opportunity that allows members to decide from where their energy comes.

For more information on this program, please visit


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