What’s your escape plan?

You’ve heard of preventive technology devices that can keep you and your home safe. But just because you have those devices doesn’t guarantee your home will never have a fire. Follow these steps to create an escape plan for your family:

  • Everyone in your family, including children, should be involved in creating your fire escape plan.
  • Make sure everyone in your home knows what the fire alarm sounds like and what it means.
  • Walk through your home and note any possible exits, including windows. Draw a floor plan of your house and mark two ways to escape from each room. Make sure doors and windows leading to the outside can be opened easily by everyone in the family.
  • Establish a meeting place a safe distance outside your home where your family will gather after escaping. The meeting place should be something permanent and easy to identify, such as a tree, light pole or mailbox, and should be a place where firefighters will easily see you.
  • Teach everyone in the family to call 911 from a neighbor’s home or cellphone once they have safely gotten outside.
  • Practice your escape plan by having at least two fire drills every year. For optimum preparation, have a drill during the night when family members are sleeping.

For more safety information, visit the Plugged into Safety page on our website.


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