Spring Gardening and Planting Safety Tips

Southeastern Indiana REMC is here to make sure you and your family stay safe and healthy, so you can enjoy the beauty and fruition that gardening can bring.


Every day is Earth Day

On April 22 every year for the past 48 years, Americans celebrate Earth Day. For many, the day set aside in 1970 signifies the birth of the environmental movement.
Cooperatives understand that celebrating our environment isn’t just a one-day thing.

Holiday Food Prep: Ingredients for Safety

During the holidays, family and friends congregate to celebrate. Everyone gathers in the kitchen to cook favorite recipes, share warm meals and reconnect with each other. Keep your family safe during these joyful times by learning some basic holiday food preparation safety tips before you start cooking. “The United States Fire Administration estimates more than… Continue reading Holiday Food Prep: Ingredients for Safety

Creating an electrical safety plan before you plant a tree

Trees and power lines often coexist without problems. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions when planting a tree. Not only do dangers lurk for the person planting the tree, nearby power lines and trees can be harmed as well. Trees growing too close to electrical lines are the primary cause of momentary short… Continue reading Creating an electrical safety plan before you plant a tree

Teenage drivers can’t learn about electrical road hazards from ‘experience’; they need to learn these things before ever getting behind the wheel

Teenaged drivers are inexperienced drivers. But one thing they should never learn by “experience” is the danger of becoming entangled with a power line. Here are things teens, and all drivers, should know.